The Problem

Psychiatry is a major public health issue, with huge (yet increasing) prevalence in a context of restrained public health budgets. Quality of care can also be improved: 1 in 2 patients is re-hospitalized within 12 months; bipolar disorders are diagnosed on average 10 years after the onset of the symptoms; some patients need 2.5 years to find the right antidepressant treatment.

What we do

Callyope enables psychiatrists to deliver personalized and outcome-based care with remote patient monitoring capabilities. We ambition to improve quality of care by shortening the time to find the right treatment, adjust treatment as needed and prevent relapses to avoid rehospitalization.

How it works

The patient performs a 1-minute voice test on a smartphone, either in-clinic or at-home. Callyope’s technology analyzes the patient’s speech to predict psychiatric clinical scores, assess fatigue and estimate cognition deficits.